Nowadays, the internet (online) businesses have gained high success and prevalence, as far as expansion has been made in using the internet. People with various skills and products at hand making money without capital through the internet; and, sometimes their monthly incomes become higher than ordinary employees and those active in other occupations. However, the question may be that “how much capital is needed to start up an internet business?” To answer the question, this has to be noted that internet business like traditional ones is of various types; so, they could be started up with different low or high amounts of capital. The good news is that, even without capital, money could be made through the world of internet. Here, some methods existing in the field would be studied

A very important advantage of online jobs compared to others is lack of limitations in terms of time and location. That is, customers and sellers can contact each other without consideration of time and location. Most internet businesses have customers from all around the world; and, they do not get their revenue just from one city. Stay with us to review five skills through which you can making money without capital.

Making money without capital through the production of video files

Due to visual attraction created for viewers, video files can attract many people towards themselves. Producing these videos can be turned to a business based on no capital; and, it can produce a high profit.

These video files can be of any content including the followings:

  • Funny contents;
  • Educational contents;
  • Recreational contents; and,
  • Promotional contents.

Interestingly, most of the internet users pay much attention to videos with educational contents. These types of videos can include any type of training. Surely, you have also viewed makeup, cooking, repair, and several other similar training videos; and, like us, you believe that they are well received.

Making money without capital through translation and content creation

Commanding a foreign language and being familiar with content creation, your bread would be buttered on both sides! Nowadays, many websites are in need of those people having command of English, Arabic, French, Chinese languages, and etc. as for creating content. Except for these websites and businesses, ordinary people and university students require translators for their work and university projects. So, if you have a high command of a foreign language, why not making money without capital through this skill of yours? Even if without mastery of translation and if you are a good writer, you can use the skill to provide most of the businesses with their required content.

Within today, you can create a website for yourself to render content creation services and high-quality translations with proper price.

Making money without capital through audio podcasting

Many busy persons have no time to read books or to view videos; however, they can hear podcasts in their way to their works whether in the bus, taxi, and/or their personal cars, using the information it provides. Preparing a podcast is one way of making money through the internet, without capital. As a matter of fact, more people have become an advocate of this, in comparison to the past. Podcast advocates are increasingly making an upward trend. In podcast preparation, please consider the following points:

  • Consider a subject you are perfectly good at;
  • Consider a subject needed by addresses; and,
  • Not having a good idea, take help from the content of other websites.

Please note that, in today’s world, quality talks. You have not to expect many addresses to be attracted to your podcast with poor quality. However, do not get much involved in quality and set it as your second priority; because, the most important thing is the content of your podcast. If the final quality of your work would be good, many websites would ask for your cooperation, soon enough.

make money online

Making money without capital through drop shipping

In this type of internet businesses, you would be in fact a middleman. That is, you showcase products from other businesses on your website, and take orders from customers.

Some advantages of drop shipping are as follows:

  • You should not be required to buy the product;
  • Would not require to store the product in your warehouse;
  • You should not be required to spend time and energy and to have some skills; and,
  • You can sell whatever you are willing to.

Through the method, you are just required to buy concerned products from supplier companies with lower price and send them to your customers. The most important point is good promotion to be made for your website. In drop shipping, you can sell a wide range of products.

Making money without capital through the product review

One of the ways of making money without capital through internet which recently has gained much success among people is comparing different products and providing comments regarding them. The important point is that before this, you have to choose a specific field to comment on products of which and to become a professional commentator in your occupational field.

For example, nowadays commenting and providing reviews on cosmetics is of high prevalence. To comment on cosmetics, you can use the following methods:

  • You can buy one of the cosmetic products and use them for a certain period of time to provide users with your views;
  • Even not buying the product, only through reading comments released on other websites, you can provide a review on the product.

Testing different foods and releasing your personal views about their tastes and qualities have also been turned to a way of making money without capital.


In general, making money without capital through the internet is very simple. For those people willing to sell goods through the internet and to begin their own businesses; it is possible to create a website with a much lower cost than buying an online store.

In most cases, the only cost payable in an online business is the cost of buying a laptop and making the connection to the internet; however, the same cost in Iran has turned to a considerable amount! However, compared to many other businesses, it has a lower cost yet. Many people spending the same low cost make high amounts of money through the internet. Considering your own skills, you can also start up your own internet business within today, to making money without capital.

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