It would be very good if you could find a method to attract more audience towards your business through usage of long-form videos in social networks, and to reduce your advertisement costs accordingly, would not it? Nowadays, many primary users of IGTV video platform (Instagram television) are doing this. Instagram advocates are enjoying a new attractive and addictive video format; and, many smart businesses are simultaneously attracting many customers through the same method. Studying the following text, you will not be fallen behind the aforementioned businesses.

Here, we provide a user guide for IGTV. During a short period of time, we show you how to use and manage capabilities presented by IGTV (owned by Instagram). Primarily, you would become familiarized with Instagram television capabilities to know why the app is highly useful when used for business marketing. Then, a set of technical points would be explained for production of attractive videos in IGTV app. New IGTV video app owned by Instagram provides you with the chance of using an applied video marketing platform. After reading the article, your will understand the reason why this Instagram feature is very useful and functional.


What is IGTV?

IGTV app is in fact the same as Instagram television, used to share videos on Instagram as a favorable social network; and, in general, it is fully integrated with Instagram as the main app. Users can watch videos on Instagram or the specialized ICTV app, itself.

igtvVarious businesses also can use Instagram television as a part of their marketing program in social networks to reach a wider audience.

Following main points are provided for marketers, regarding IGTV app:

  • Each video takes between 15 to 60 minutes;
  • They are all vertical videos;
  • You will be automatically subscribed to the IGTV channels of brands that you follow;
  • The application is allocated to pre-recorded videos, not live; and,
  • It is only accessible on mobile phones.

Specifications of IGTV Videos

IGTV app requires vertical format for all videos and it is one of the very important points in relation to this app. In many social media, vertical videos have provided with possibility for users ; however, vertical format has not been widely used, till present time. Also, using vertical format in IGTV is not an option; instead, it is one of its main requirements.

instagram igtv

In the rest of article, we will deal with other technical requirements of IGTV and suggest some points for creating high quality and beautiful videos in vertical format. Other technical requirements as for IGTV videos are mentioned below, according to the instructions provided by Instagram:

  • Minimum frame rate: 30 frames/s;
  • Minimum film resolution: 720 pixels;
  • Maximum file sizefor videos that are 10 minutes or less:650MB: 650MB;
  • Maximum file sizefor videos that are 10-60 minutes: 3.6GB;
  • Suggested size as for the title image of video: 420×654 pixels (1:1.55);
  • All videos have to have MP4 format;
  • Ordinary videos have to be between 15 seconds to 10 minutes long, and only confirmed user accounts would be able to upload long-form videos. Ordinary people and those brands not confirmed are capable of uploading maximum video length of 10 minutes; and,
  • Uploading videos with more than 10 minutes long through confirmed user accounts is only possible on PCs, not mobile phones.


How to Produce High Quality Vertical Videos?

  1. While video shooting, you have to hold camera vertically. If not, you may need to rotate the video, as for editing. Another method is video shooting vertically and cropping it on its edges, while editing. However, this would be resulted in reduction of quality. Also, if you video shoot vertically, you have to guess what items would be possibly within the frame and what items not; so, the method is not reliable.
  2. You would achieve highest quality when video aspect ratio is 9:16, while video shooting. Using 5:4 aspect ratio is also possible; however, you will end up cropping from the top and bottom of the movie frame. This ratio could be usually used for Instagram posts, not for stories or IGTV.
  3. Well-known and standard rules of photography would be used for production of IGTV videos, as well. For example, if “rule of thirds” is used for horizontal video shooting, the same well-known rule in photography and video shooting could be also applied in vertical videos.
  4. Using IPhones, following apps would be very useful. These apps help in quick production of effective and attractive vertical videos.
  5. SparkCamera app is free of charge and provides you with possibility of simultaneous video shooting and editing. In fact, it is wonderful especially when you create a set of short films between 1 to 10 Seconds.
  6. VideoLeap is another great app used for editing after video shooting.

insta igtvConsider following tips in producing video for IGTV

  • Add a “call to action button” (CTA) on videos;
  • Use link to your webpages, in film descriptions;
  • Avoid creating loud voices at the beginning of video. All videos are in auto play mode. People reviewing Instagram television on their mobile phones are mostly using handsfree or handset.
  • Make use of hashtag in IGTV film descriptions; and,
  • Provide quick answers to viewers’ comments.

If you’re a content creator, business owner or an aspiring YouTuber, take your phone out and start shooting fantastic content. Hire a video editor who can make your videos a lot more powerful and sticky, and make sure your message lands on your target audience. Better yet, learn to do it all by yourself. And most importantly, hit that Upload button.

You don’t have to wait to see if IGTV will live or die — in today’s world, you can’t afford to wait until the platform is saturated to take action. Given Instagram’s massive user base (1 Billion monthly actives now!) and beastly execution on Stories over the past 2 years, I’d give it my vote of confidence.

Now is IGTV a YouTube killer? Probably not. YouTube has so many other things up its sleeve (YouTube Music), but I’m sure the service is paying more attention to Instagram now, especially since the photo-sharing app just hit one billion monthly active users.So the bottom line here is if you’re not using video somewhere in your content strategy, you may eventually get left behind.

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