If you are trying to run a web-based or mobile application, you certainly need servers. Based on how many requests you get on your application, the resources that a server needs to respond to all of them seamlessly might be different from one case to another. As you might know, purchasing a new server and putting it in the data center can be really time-consuming and expensive. Amazon represented a solution named Amazon EC2 that can handle many problems related to physical servers and save you a lot of money.

What is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or shortly Amazon EC2 is one of the AWS’s most well-known services that enable businesses to run their applications on the public and private cloud. The developers are free to create their customized virtual machines and configure them very quickly. Since developers are free to stop using the EC2 service whenever they want, they do not need to pay extra money for the unused resources. In other words, Amazon EC2 enables on-demand, scalable computing capacity in the AWS cloud.

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Since you do not have to spend your money on buying hardware and maintaining it, Amazon EC2 will help you to pull in your horns. This will make Amazon EC2 an affordable option, especially for small startups. It allows making the build and run procedure shorter and more efficient. In Addition, There is no limit on the number of virtual machines you tend to lunch over EC2 in AWS. Also, EC2 service offers scaling flexibility that you can scale up or down considering your request traffic.

How does EC2 work?

In order to build your own virtual machine, first, you need to create an account at Amazon’s AWS website. When you open up the EC2 section, you will be able to choose the instance type you want. Now it is time to choose which operating system you would like to use. There are different options available. For instance, we can mention Amazon Linux AMI, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Server, Microsoft Windows Server 2008-2012-2016. After choosing the hardware resources of the virtual machine including CPU, Memory, Storage and in some cases GPU, your virtual machine is prepared to use.

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Why Amazon EC2?

Now that we know what is EC2 and how it works, let’s see what is the main reasons we need Amazon EC2 for our businesses. AWS Elastic Compute Cloud provides a lot of advantages that below, we are going to claim some of them.

  • Auto-Scaling
    When you first run an application, the demand might not be so high. However, someday, you might need bigger resources in order to protect your application from crashing. Auto-scaling helps you to ensure that your application demands are met. It means you will never have a bad user experience because of limited hardware resources. Although this is a great feature for EC2, developers should always keep checking all the instances in order to prevent facing cluttered environments that are difficult to manage.
  • Pay-as-you-go
    One of the main reasons business owners tend to use AWS services is price flexibility. It means you have to pay only for what you have used over an hourly basis. For example, if you know that in some particular days of the week you will have fewer requests than other days, you can decrease the number of resources for that specific day. Even when you need a virtual machine for a few hours, you can use Amazon EC2 and in the end, pay your bill for hours you were active on the VM. Therefore, there is no long term commitment or upfront fees for you.
  • Security
    Users can control which instances used in the local network and which have internet exposure. EC2 leverages Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for security reasons. It is also possible for businesses to sync their secure IT infrastructure to resources in VPC by using a hardware-based VPN device. However, developers have to make completely sure that public side instances are running securely.

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