SEO trends in 2019

As a marketer or a person passionate about cutting-edge technologies, knowing about new trends will be necessary. SEO is constantly changing. Sometimes it is really difficult to keep up with all SEO trends; However, to be atop at waves, you need to check all news about search engine optimization’s modifications.

Hence, we have decided to compile the following overview with all the important SEO trends in 2019.

  • Voice Search becomes more important

In 2014, Google determined that over 40 percent of users tended to utilize voice-controlled web search. As Google has claimed, every fifth search query on mobile devices is now made via voice input. Therefore, Voice search is clearly becoming more and more popular at a very fast rate.

Although there are lots of controversy around voice search, professional SEO consultants believe voice search is just a piece of a bigger change, from specific and simple keywords to a longer conversational search journey.

As devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Homepod, and Google’s Home, are selling like crazy; voice searches likely to be longer than keyword searches. As a result, your SEO strategy has to focus on finding keywords that are seven-to-nine-words that people usually use in their daily conversations. In other words, if people want to search for a subject, they will ask their smart assistant to do that for them.

  • Content is still a king

Since 2017, Google has made countless updates to their algorithms. Although Google’s algorithms are improving, it still needs content in the form of text or image. In other words, the content has always been playing a key role when it comes to SEO.

Ideally, every content provider wants to create the kind of exceptional content that will inspire users. As you may know, back-links are one of the main ranking factors that go into determining SEO placement. Back-links are sort of links that connect to your site which have been put on high value and relevant websites which Google has ranked highly. So, Google considers it as a value or recommendation. Therefore, the best way to show other sites that how good is your content is to make sure it is outstanding.

You should correctly find what your users are looking for and try to offer the best and relevant solutions. Also, the content needs to stimulate, move, and connect with your target audience and offers them added value. Remember you are writing for humans, not for search engines.

  • Mobile-first Indexing approach in SEO

Google published mobile-first indexing back in 2018. It means search engines will create and classify its search listings according to the mobile version of the content, even if it is shown to desktop users.

The reason they did so was that in most areas, 60% of people used smartphones or tablets for creating a search query. So, creating better mobile websites and making better user experiences using mobile devices is vital. Based on Google’s previous state, it is all about offering your audience a website that is not complicated to use and navigate.

search engine optimize

  • Blockchain Technology will Impact SEO

blockchain is not only about cryptocurrencies; its influence will be much more far-reaching than that. For example, it is going to change the search engine optimization field significantly, if not the whole of the digital marketing world.

Blockchain’s main goal is to create a very safe and trustworthy record of transactions. It means search engines are able to use this advantage for securing the transactions.

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For instance, Google goes between the advertiser and website owner, trying to help them trust each other so that all of these transactions will handle smoothly because blockchain technology can verify every user with 100% accuracy.

It is able to see whether an advertisement was seen by an actual real person or a bot. So, it can assure that you are just paying for genuine clicks and not fake ones.

  • Machine learning will be dominant

Back in 2015, Google introduced “RankBrain” as a self learning-based search engine algorithm. It helps Google to process and sort search results and provide more relevant search results for users.

Meanwhile, Rankbrain has learned a lot more and Google is becoming better and better in answering to more sophisticated questions. We can, therefore, expect search engines to understand humans intention better than before in 2019.

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Through machine learning, business owners can actually figure out where their approach has succeeded or failed. It can also find out mistakes in your approach much more efficiently than human analysis.

Machine learning technology can exactly analyze your users and discover not only what they are looking for and their habits, but also how you can best provide their requirements.


There are many changes happening in the digital marketing world, especially in search engine optimization subject. Extending your information about these growing trends will help you to optimize your web site as much as you can and ensure that your SEO efforts are not unseated.

Remember this the point of doing so many different things to make your website more SEO friendly is just for satisfying your target audience. Hence, by making the site technically perfect (like optimizing your content for mobile devices and boosting its speed) and also creating good content, you will be on top.

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