Mobile apps have triggered a revolution

At the moment, one thing that all people consider as an indispensable part of their lives is smartphones. Since the popularity of mobile apps increases day by day, there are incredible things taking place in the world of mobile application development. In other words, almost anything and everything can be done using smartphones.

The different functions that a mobile application can manage to do is the main reason why people using it more than before. From banking on the go to ordering food online there is literally at least one mobile application for everything you can think of.

A brief story of mobile apps

According to some reports that have published by the world’s most well-known magazines, almost 3 billion people have access to mobile applications. Additionally, Apple and Google opened their own app stores 9 years ago. As the latest report shows, currently available mobile apps from these two app stores tally up to a staggering 6.3 million apps. Undoubtedly, apps have come a very long way since PhoneSaber, and the original eBay app. However, this journey caused mobile applications to shape people’s lives.

Mobile apps effects on life

As we mentioned above, mobile applications changed our lifestyle completely. Whether it has changed for the better or worse is still controversial, but below are some ways mobile apps have made the way we live differently.

Immediate access to information

You might hear the phrase ‘just Google it’ at least once a day. Due to mobile apps allow you to search for literally anything and anytime, people have this sense of urgency to find their required information. Considering how much internet has become popular, people can easily access information in every situation they are in. For example, if a chef wanted to find a local cuisine recipe 20 years ago, he had to search a whopping number of papers and books. Nowadays though, people can find both visual and textual contents that help them make their favorite food. Because people get used to capturing all they need as soon as possible, when information is not available, it is frustrating.

Also, crowdsourcing has played a key roll in how mobile applications have developed. From opting for staying in someone’s home with CouchSurfing to finding best concerts in town with foursquare, crowdsourcing is a very useful tool. That is the way for people helping each other and clarify their experience which others could rely on and make a better decision.

a & Connection

Communication has been improved and simplified with mobile apps that all a user need is fingertip to enable seamless and quick communication. This could be through text messaging, voice and video chatting or social networking. Individuals can keep in touch with loved ones living in different countries, follow old classmates on social media and video chat with their employees while they are on vacation. This helped some people to be able to work at home instead of going to the office.

Increase in Work Productivity

As we claimed it earlier, applications could help business owners to organize their schedule and streamline their processes. They can allocate different tasks to people who they are working with as well. Mobile applications have made it possible to establish a connection with other business partners in order to work on a specific project simultaneously. There are a lot of mobile applications that people can define their tasks and set a due time for them. On the one hand, people manage to get more punctual with this method. As a result, they can present their maximum performance every time they take responsibility. On the other hand, it may affect your social life. Because people require to constantly be online for work, they might have to ignore their family and friends.

Healthy living

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way people monitor and keep track of their daily exercise and fitness. It could be easier than ever to download a combination of dedicated mobile apps which include a range of healthcare purposes like patient monitoring and remote assistance and diagnosis. They can also act as your personal trainer and provide you with a suitable diet and improve your workout routine. Since wearable devices have reached to a good reputation, developers are trying to create exclusive mobile apps. For instance, these mobile apps can help users to control how many calories they have had.

personal health monitoring devices

Facilitate daily tasks

Daily tasks seem to be very easier since the mobile applications start providing various services. Stuff, like buying cinema tickets, getting groceries, refilling a prescription, have become more convenient thanks to various mobile apps. We can say these applications remove the physical existence and make everything possible via the online world.

Using mobile applications can save a huge amount of time for people who are really busy. Therefore, people can spend more time on works they like the most instead of being in a traffic jam.


Mobile apps have helped different types of people do things in a faster and more comfortable way. You either love it or hate it, mobile apps have almost taken over the whole world. Without any doubt, application developers will unstoppably continue reaching new heights every day. It is also clear that other new technologies like AR and VR are making their ways through the mobile app markets. So, as long as there is a demand out there, entrepreneurs and developers will attempt to bring brand new ideas for mobile apps.

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