Google released the latest algorithm, Florida that officially unveiled on Twitter on its website last week. This algorithm was very tricky and caused a lot of sites to drop. On the other hand, it gave a good rating to other sites.

Florida is not a weird and scary thing that many website administrators think of this algorithm because their site is down and it’s all done.

Sites that are affected by the Florida algorithm and are facing a drop in the ranking of Google search results are limited and will not be permanent.

Sites that were affected by this algorithm were ranked low, usually sites that did not have acceptable quality content. That is, they either copied the work or did not have good overall content. Also, sites that were forcibly linked to the link above were not so good content.

In this essay, from the series of SEO tutorials, I’m going to talk about the new Google algorithm and how to keep the Florida algorithm happy with our site. If your site has been downgraded or you think you are in danger of falling in the search results, you should be with me at the end of this article.

florida algorithm

SEO experts say about Florida algorithm

There are many comments about SEO algorithms from SEO experts, some of which are based on past experiences and case studies.

For example, some SEO experts say about the Florida algorithm: This algorithm only affects sites that have poor content.

Sites that have more copyrighted content than unique content have dropped a weird rating with Florida release.

Other say websites that have a lot of abnormal and spam links influenced by Florida and experienced a downgrade in search results.

SEO experts also agree that the algorithm is just for editing and has no effect on the sites.

But from my point of view, and with regard to surveys on sites that have fallen into this category over time, I noticed that websites that had poor quality content intended solely for new content (but copying) appear to have dropped in rank.

Of course, copying is not just copied exactly! It means either a rewrite or a new word to say.

On the other hand, websites with more complete content than other competitors have climbed to higher ranks. Therefore, in general, the completeness of the content and its comprehensiveness in all respects have a greatly enhanced impact on obtaining a better rating in the search results.

How to create content that is pleasing to Florida?

As you’ve seen, Florida’s algorithm is more focused on web content. In fact, this algorithm has been published to improve the quality of website content.

You might think that this algorithm is similar to the Panda algorithm and works against copying sites. But it’s not, Florida’s algorithm tackles sites that have poor quality content and abnormal backlinks. In the following, I will explain more about non-quality content.

algorithmForget about copying content

Maybe you also think Google is weak and can not recognize the content of the copy well. It’s about four or five years ago that every site with copying content and just a few backslashes easily concluded, but now the case is different.

Still, you see large sites that have a lot of copying content and are still in the top results. This has led many friends to publish their copy content on their site from time to time and to make their copy contents less voluminous by producing unique content. This is exactly wrong!

Great sites do not hurt duplication because of their reliability. Of course, in the future nothing is certain! Maybe these sites drop.

The purpose of copying content does not necessarily mean copying a few articles from an article. Take a paragraph out of each article and put it inside your article. It’s exactly copied and Google can detect well.

Copy content is meant to rewrite the article in a way that does not add anything new. Both in terms of quality and content length!

If you want to generate content in the content curation, you should do so through information from multiple articles, video, or any other content format.

The very important thing is that the content you are producing should be new. By coloring the content, you can give it a different type to your audience. In addition to refreshing the content for the audience and Google, it will also prolong it.

Do not forget that your content should have a new word to say. For example, if you want to introduce ways to speed up the site, you should introduce one or two newer methods that others have not referred to. Or part of it as a video tutorial and publish it inside your article. This means creating new content from the user’s perspective and Google.

Produce complete and comprehensive content

One of the features of Florida’s good looks is to be complete and comprehensive. To make so, the best way is to first search your keyword key in Google. Then check out all the suggestions Google gives you regarding that keyword. By doing this, you know exactly what is about the main keyword that you should mention in your article.

Try to get a complete overview of any suggestions that Google gives you in your article and how many times they are repeated in your text will increase the chances of getting rank in each one. If you also apply each of the headings H2 or H3, your ranking will increase.

As I mentioned, you must search for the keyword you want before you start writing the article. The most important point is checking the sites that are already in the search results. What you need to do is review each of the pages you see in the search results and have published content about the main keyword of your article.

For example, if most sites have written about 2,000 words, you should write 3,000 words. You should try to point out things that your competitors have not mentioned in your article. This is the most important point.

Create content related to your work field

Try to find every topic that is about your business and build content about it. This actually leads your website to reference in your area of work.

By reviewing your competitors’ sites, you’ll find out which topics you should focus on. You can also find more topics in your workflow for content creation, with Google’s main keyword list and Google Keyboard Planner.

It’s also much easier to optimize your site in the hard words of your work area. Because you rank at least in any terms related to your field of work, and this will make Google realize that your site is a reference point in this field.

Google’s Florida algorithm cares more about sites that are specialized in the field and produce quality content.

algorithm updateTake video and photos seriously

Try to use the video in your articles. In addition to increasing dwell time in your articles page, the video will make your article look more complete than other competitors, especially when they do not use the video and you’re using it.

Try to publish short and a few minutes video in your articles. The shorter the length of the videos, the greater the desire of users to see them, which makes staying on your page longer.

Also, try to increase the length of your articles using high-quality photos. Photos that are not copied and your own are very important. If you want to write educational articles, photos that take screenshots from the screen will create special photos for you.

In the Alt tag or alternate text, be sure to use the keywords of the article and the synonym of the main keyword. You can also use Google’s suggested phrases related to each photo.

Do not erase old content! Update

Many SEO operators believe that you should delete old content and redirect to related content. Actually, this is a mistake. The best thing you can do is update them with new content.

If your content is too old, it’s best to update it completely. Always try to keep your website content fresh. If you want to be updated, this is your only way.

Otherwise, your content will not always be completely visible to Google users. This makes it possible for you to find results in some search results on pages of your site after a while.

Make your link building natural

Florida has hit pages with backlinks in search results. If you have been making artificial and non-quality links so far, it’s not a problem! Do not think about changing or erasing them.

But from now on, you must make back-ups of normal links. If you do not want to be penalized forever, you need to increase the number of your normal links more than artificial ones.

Do not make any artificial sources for linking yourself. You must follow natural linking methods.

Sites that are currently affected by the Florida algorithm

If your site has been downgraded to many keywords, it’s not too worrying. It’s better to continue to produce content and, as I mentioned in this article, you should be careful about your content. If you think you have a lot of copying and poor content, you should think about updating them.

Continue linking and do not stop it. But, as I said, do not make artificial links at all. Try using gray linking techniques to build your own links.

Final words

In this article, I have tried to point out what is relevant to optimizing the site for Google’s Florida algorithm. I suggest that you do not even think about producing unprotected content and copying. Because in the future content that takes the first and last words in the SEO.

So, if you want to invest in SEO, it’s best to think of producing strong content. We hope you have used enough of this article.

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