I’m sure it’s interesting to know what the word strategy means. The strategy is derived from the Greek word “strategos” and it means the command of the division! That is, you have to have a strategy to manage your squad to win a competition. In the old days, commanders of the army, such as John Snow, set out to train all the troops to win the battle with the enemy. But do not imagine that there is no longer a war today, the battle is now the Instagram War! Fight and queue your forces. I want to teach you how to mimic your rival by compiling a rash strategy for Instagram!

Instagram can have many benefits for you;

It can be a showcase. With Instagram you can display your products and services and earn money from Instagram.

Instagram can be a catalog. This social network can act as an indefinite catalog. You can display your Instagram page address to others to show your activities.

It is a TV show. Instagram is like a great TV, and branding voice brings you to your audience.

Instagram is a channel. This network is a very large channel for communicating with your audience. Comments and suggestions for your marketing to Instagram is like a great investment.

In total, statistics show that there are very few businesses that Instagram does not work for and prefer to continue to operate quietly, such as major distributors of goods, offenders and embezzlers!

Why should I make an Instagram strategy?

I want to tell you the same example of the roadmap, travel map and map. What do you think when thinking about traveling? everything!

Where do I go?

who am I going to?

How much do I spend?

My travels or fun?

and …

You have a plan how to manage your assets and capabilities. Strategy deciding how to travel, the strategy is a bridge between dream and reality!

The Instagram strategy is to plan, run and evaluate all activities on the Instagram.

Marketing of social networks is like a trip. If you decide to travel to Instagram with your own car, then be sure to read this article because it’s like a road map.

Statistics show that 71% of businesses were active in Instagram in 2017. Then for the success of this, all business has to determine strategy for the Instagram marketing.

What to do with selection of Instagram strategy?

The first thing you need to do with an Instagram strategy is a pencil and a notebook. My experience as a social networking expert shows that words are forgotten and that the paper is lost. From now on, register the process of developing your Instagram strategy from zero to hundred in a notebook. You can also copy or print them as a digital file. But at the same time, when it comes to the design, nothing is going to get the notebook. Join me now to tell you 4 magical secrets about Instagram strategy.

1. Find the audiences everywhere

Before each move, first you know your audience. The first lesson of Intagram education is to identify who your target community is. Notice that I do not mean to increase Followers. I’m talking about a backward step. Attracting Follower means attracting the relevant audience, but knowing the audience means knowing at all who your audience is! In the following sections, I will talk about increasing Follower. Social network marketing should be well targeted to your target community and your posts should be attractive to them. If you do not know what are your audience interests, how can you make him happy? Here are some simple questions that you can get ahead of your opponents in the future by answering them.

  1. Who uses your products and services?
  2. Who in the future can target your community?
  3. What age group are they and what are their gender?
  4. which topice are they interested in?
  5. What information are they needed?
  6. What kind of content do they like most?

My suggestion is spending more time for this stage. To make money from Instagram you need to know who your customer is? When you write the answers to these questions accurately, you see that your Instagram strategy is showing you! Nothing like knowing the audience can put you in their hearts. Which one will most likely be your customer from those who love you and who do not care about you? So, do not be indifferent to the interests and needs of your audience for the marketing of social networks.

Where do I get my audience personality?

o You are a coherent company, you can get customer data from a database or sales department. The database is a very important topic in business.

o If you are a small business, then you need to have your customers’ information. Try to focus yourself and find out the interests of your audience. Look at the list of people who buy from you or interested in your content.

o You’ve just started your business, the best source of audience recognition for you is your competition page. Find them and check out the followers, following, Likers, and anyone who comments them. These people are like a precious investment for your business.

o Go to your Instagram Insight page and check your statistics. There you can find out how many percent of users come to your Instagram page. What is their gender and which cities are.

I understand my audience; now how do I get him on my instagram page?

There is only one way to draw audiences to your Instagram page: Creating attractive content! When you write useful, cool, and related posts, those who come to your page, search on it and follow you. But there’s one important point. What if they never came to your page? So, there should be a way for you to let your audience know and come up and follow your page. I want to introduce you a binder tool! A tool that has many fans and opponents!

A tool called Robot Boost Instagram follower! This robot brings you a lot of real followers for a short time. I want to point out about the robot; Instagram robot will make your favorites target. That means, among all the users who are active on Instagram, most of them who is related to your products and services follow your page.

2. Goal!

Before any move on the Instagram, tell me why you came to Instagram. Yes, it’s clear that your goal is to make money from the Instagram. My question is, how do you want to make money from the Instagram? There are 3 common goals to succeed on social networks and make money with Instagram. Check them carefully and see which ones are in line with your business activities, then select them as the goal.

First goal: introduce yourself

One of the most in-depth activities on Instagram is providing brand information. One of Instagram strategy training lessons is to introduce yourself to Instagram to make money and give information about your business to others. For example, you can show parts of your business to audiences:

o highlight company activities. This will create trust and help you make the image branding.

o Bring the news to the audience. Do not ignore business news, industry, exhibitions, updates, and more. This will earn money on Instagram!

o Promote your culture. Your company is like a country that has its own culture. By showing this culture, get close to your audience and engage with them sincerely.

o Display team members. This method can be effective in the success of many businesses. Therefore, keep staffing and client-centric posts in mind.

Pictures that have faces will get 38% more likes.

Second goal: Connect with your customers

Your followers have been recently reduced? Let me tell you a secret: if you feel that your followers are just as likely to not notice your posts, you’re just right! Instagram algorithm has changed. This means that your posts will no longer be displayed in the order of publication time for your followers, but the post where users interact more with it will be displayed sooner. If your posts are coming out from Instagram, know that you have not been able to communicate with your audience. If you ask me, the first step in communicating with the audience is to produce challenging content. I mean posts that interact with your followers and are so engaging that the audience will have to follow you, make your follower like and comment. There’s only one way to bring your followers to you: give them the excuse!

This is the natural tendency of people to talk to others about their own issues, because they can recall it and enjoy it by speaking of their happy moments. It also heals the pain of the sad parts of life by telling and talking about it. You just have to be a beginner. Tell a story or remind you of a personal experience, they will continue, and interaction will best shape.

Third goal: Sell your products

You do all these things to make money with Instagram. The way to make money with Instagram is to display your account on this social network. Maybe I suppose to tell you to capture and publish your photos on Instagram to make money. unfortunately, I will never suggest this. If there were any winning business that would be releasing the photo, then Apple had no place on Instagram. The company has not even published a single photo of its products on Instagram, but still has 9.9 million followers! Yes … It’s as if the ways to make money from Instagram have changed!

But why Apple has won a millionth success in Instagram? The company publishes photos on its Instagram account that Apple users have taken with their iPhone. If you sharpen your eyes a little bit, Apple has something to say about it with this move:

“The seller does not sell the goods, sells the relationship.”

If you are smart, you will quickly find out how to make a relationship to make money on Instagram. Next to the photos you publish on your products, you’ll also be presented with product experience

An Important Thing About Making Money with Instagram

Choose how to sell on Instagram. Do your customers have to buy from you through Instagram app? Or is your goal to come to your website and use an online payment gateway? Try to design a user-friendly process for your customers.

To buy, you can add a link to a website or a direct link to the purchase, which will also increase your site traffic.

Goal Four: Give information

I suggest this to 99% of businesses. Teaching something on the Instagram is very useful, and it increases followers and engagement. When you teach someone, that person will trust you and will remember you whenever you encounter a question. Suppose you have a page for online sales of bags and shoes on Instagram. You also have a weekly post about choosing a bag. Providing accurate information makes your followers know you as a specialist in this field. In order to be able to continuously produce content, you should always be updated in your area of ​​expertise.

Target V: Promote

For a long time, I thought the biggest ad was to focus on quality. Well, of course, quality is very important, but if someone does not know that I am, how can I introduce someone else?! Drop these words and make a basic plan for all types of ads on Instagram. For Ads on Instagram, the first thing to do is to create an amazing banner! Where does this awesome banner come from?

o Promote your ad to a linked and busy page. In Instagram, there are many pages that are relevant to your business and accept adverts. I ask you when choosing a page, pay attention to the quality of the page you are looking for. A yellow page, no matter how busy and rich, is not a good place for your ads. Maybe you’ll see result in the short term, but do not doubt that it will harm your brand in the long run.

o Give your ad an influencer. Influencer tells people who are impressed on Instagram, and their number of followers are also headed to the sky. With Influencer Marketing, you can experience Instagram’s ads in an impressive way and earn Instagram revenue.

o Contest. If your quiz is exciting and your gift is tempting, your followers will tell your friends. Be sure to find Follower in a short time. But please be patient.

o Do not forget the action call. Call To Action means asking your fans to do something for you.

Housecleaning with content!

Now we’ve reached a stage that I like very much! Now it’s time to learn how to make money from Instagram and make a basic plan for your content. Your content is your first, most important, and most influential tool in instagram strategy. So, you have to have a decent instagram strategy for it. Maybe it’s not up to you, but strategizing for Instagram is as important as designing a website strategy! Your ad may cause thousands to see you, but how many people are willing to engage with an unorganized page? My experience has proven that even holding a contest and awarding prizes, you can have a fantastic follower enhancement, but of course if you do not give good content to the user, then you will experience follower’s intense fall. So, if you’re looking for success and making money with Instagram, do not forget the five crucial things for content creation:

Start your organization from your instagram profile!

As most people in the world want world peace, I also wish for a universal wisdom, the dream of a day when people realize that their birthday is not proud and does not matter to anyone! Please delete the additional information that you have posted on your profile. Have a professional introduction of yourself in Bio that everyone will see. At all, you can write your own brand name bio. Be sure to change your profile to the Profile Business. You can view statistics for your profile with business profile. There are many ways to earn money from Instagram with business profiles.

Content should be targeted

Are you willing to flood a page on the Instagram that speaks on the air every day? So have an informed plan. Once you have set goals, consider the subject. For example, if your goal is to train on Instagram, specify which method you are doing. My goal is clear. How about you? Do you want to become famous? Have more sales? Or just want to get to know more people? Now that you find out what you want to put on your Instagram, categorize them.

More specialized is better

To make money with Instagram, you need to make yourself a specialist to help users trust your page. This applies to all businesses. Mobile Repair, Child Psychology or Fantasy. It’s just enough to identify a need in people and put the answer on your page. In fact, the more specialized your page, the more people will introduce you to each other.

An Unbeatable Calendar

Suppose you built a great page and you’ve come across all the ways you can make money from Instagram. Your followers become your customers gradually, but unfortunately, life-threatening problems make you less likely to go to your page. Your content is getting smaller every day. This is where your users get infected and forget about it because they do not get any more. Which one do you choose between a page with 20 posts and another page with 200 posts? That page is more active. Because it’s more energy and you’ll probably find more content on that page. Do not post too much, but try to have at least 3 new posts per week.

Now I want to tell you how to use your Instagram content program, so listen carefully to me:

  1. Get your stuff up. Put your goals in front of you and discuss them. For example, a fancy page can be used to introduce its own cultures, to post photos of its users, or a crowded boutique on auction days.
  2. Prioritize topics. Rate your threads. For example, introducing a product to you is more important than introducing the company’s culture. So, you decide on 8 posts to introduce the product and 3 to introduce the company’s culture per months. Choosing the number of posts is quite handy, but I suggest you follow the balance. An Instagram page should not be formal and not flimsy.
  3. Specify the release date. One of the most important tasks is to specify the release date. Specify the date and time your post is published.
  4. Do not forget about affairs. There are occasions related to you in any business. Day of Exercise, Health Day, Violence Against Women, Internet Day, … Just search about on Google.

Have a personal style

Your page shows your character. How do you show your character? With repetitive words or attractive tips? Instagram is crowded. These days, everyone has a creative team to manage Instagram! So, you will find a personal style to generate content that belongs to you only. This can be of a specific color, writing an innovative glimpse or how to talk to your fans. The style of creating content for branding is also very influential and forms the identity of your page. Just like the real world, each person’s identity varies from the other. In Instagram, you should try to be different and show it to others as well.

Your quality photos are your winner

You are a dress designer who sells beautiful and quality clothes on Instagram. Your page is also very useful. Good information about fashion, clothing, and how to set up your audience. But without a photo! Who buys you? nobody!

Always remember that Instagram is for viewing. The truth is, Instagram is not as Twitter-deep and thoughtful. People come to Instagram to enjoy their moments. They even read the caption below the photos by their photo. So do not forget the right quality pictures. The shape of your page is the first thing your audience sees. Better invest and get quality photos. Photos that turn into your own brand.

But if you want to launch a successful startup and have no budget, do not worry! I introduce some of the tools that are more practical than others to get you started:

  • Take your own photos, be sure to go to the Pinterest website for an idea.
  • Download quality photos, do not type in Google. Go to the Unsplash website and download correct and accurate photos.
  • Use animated images, Dribbble is awesome for you. Sign up so you can see all the images.
  • Give video content, especially if your work is educational. One of your investments is YouTube. Download related and functional movies and subtitles if necessary. Working with Subtitle Edit subtitles is like eating.
  • Have a general theme, this theme can be your organizational color or your post template. This will make your page look like an arranged, coordinated, and calculated page. My suggestion is to get at least 5 top domestic rivals and 5 top foreign rivals and get ideas from them. (Copy No! Idea!)

marketing strategy

Instagram tools miracles!

Do not underestimate the tools of Instagram at all! Instagram itself has built-in tools that are very useful for you:

  1. Story: You can trade with Instagram Story. Stories are mostly for introducing momentous events. Play it with graphics, change colors and discover new things! If you have more than 10,000 followers, then you can put link on it.
  2. Live: Use the live tool to play live events on Instagram. You can miracle with a true use of Live in stream.
  3. IGTV: This Instagram tool simulates our own television! You can publish on IGTV 10 minutes videos or more.

Measure your instagram startegy!

If you interview Gary Casparov, a major chess professor on YouTube, you’ll find that he analyzes all his quizzes and has repeatedly reviewed all the deadly mistakes he has made against his rivals. Most businesses just want things done and all. It’s not enough to put you just excellent posts. You should analyze your posts. You should see which posts are best suited to your users and why. In the evaluation of the end of your month, specify these posts and publish more in the following month. The post that gets more engagement rates is more successful and more user-friendly.

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