The acronym “ SEO ” stands for Search Engine Optimization. it is an important marketing tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important marketing tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It doesn’t have to cost a whole lot to implement, so you’ll be able to compete with larger companies. 

It helps you rank higher on SERPs, so you can get people to visit your website without having to purchase ad space.

search engine optimization

Websites that show up on the front page of SERPs have a better chance of getting visitors. You want your website to be one of the top search results because Google users tend to think that top ranking websites are the most trustworthy.

It can take a lot of time to get to that #1 spot on Google, so don’t expect to see results overnight with SEO.

Functions of search engines

crawling and indexing — they look at billions and billions of documents, webpages, files, videos, pictures, etc. on the internet and add them to their databases; and

providing answers to their users — they use everything they’ve indexed to create lists of relevant websites to answer users’ questions.

Most web traffic comes from search engines (the biggest one being Google), so you want to make sure your website shows up on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO helps you do that.

Of course, there are two ways to get there: (1) organically, meaning you’re in the actual results area of the page, or (2) by advertising, meaning you pay to get there.

“Organic” does sound rather innocent, like your top-billing has just happened very naturally. But, it’s more often than not a result of serious effort. So, let’s look at that a bit more deeply.

seo services

Progress in SEO techniques

In the beginning of the Internet, it was possible to reverse-engineer how search engines ranked their results. Google didn’t even exist at the time. It was mainly companies like America Online, Yahoo and a bunch of other now-forgotten pioneers of that field.

In those old days, it was possible to “trick” search engines into giving a site high placement for the keywords of your choice. Some of these tactics included setting up thousands of fake incoming links to a web site from vast server farms maintained by SEO companies. 

This sort of tactic mentioned above (and other similar ones) is referred to now by Google as “black hat” SEO. Not only are such things ethically wrong, but they could substantially harm your online presence in the long-run.

Google is intelligent already, and it will only become increasingly so.You do NOT want to get involved in any kind of search engine manipulation scheme.

Search engine optimization is complex and complicated, but an important part of any online marketing strategy.

By creating user-friendly websites with great content, you’ll be able to gain the trust of Google and other search engines. After you’ve gained their trust, they’ll reward you by putting your webpages higher up on users’ search results, so you’ll gain more visitors. And, more visitors mean more customers.

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