The Importance of mobile apps

Nowadays, importance of mobile apps in various businesses has been subjected to an increasing trend, partly due to wide usage of smartphones all around the world, and the other part due to simplicity of working with these apps by their different users.

Following statistics show high importance of mobile apps in today’s world:

  • We use smartphones widely during 24 hours.
  • Internet surfing with mobile phones has shown about 600% increase, during past three years
  • 80% of the times passed on smartphones is related to usage of apps
  • “Internet of things” gadgets are based on usage of apps
  • Apps show a type of user experience, not even presentable through responsive websites.So, mobile apps are turning to one of the dominant methods of communication in digital world. In today’s world, internet users are in need of very high speeds and they make use of mobile apps, to increase their speed. This is why mobile apps are of very high importance in today’s market, specifically for different businesses.

    What are mobile apps advantages for different businesses?

    Whatever the nature of your business, apps help you to make access to your customers and keep them. As we know, first markets in which customers search for their required products or services is the online market. You have to make an online form of your business available, i.e. through a mobile app. Under such condition, users can download the app on their mobile phones so that an easy communication would be created between them and you. At this point, a good user experience would be created for your customer. Opening your mobile app at shortest time possible, customers would be able to communicate with your business and make a quick purchase from you.

mobile apps

As we stated in our previous post, most of offline businesses are willing to turn their businesses to online version, as well. To do so, they primarily use a mobile app. A mobile app is one of the best interaction methods of local businesses with their customers. This new marketing channel even works better than a website in many cases and many customers feel comfortable using it. Most important advantages of mobile apps for businesses include increase of their sales and efficiency levels.

How sales level would increase through a mobile app?

Mobile apps have various types of customer loyalty programs. To increase your sales level, mobile applications are designed with two following goals so that:

  • Customers would be capable of making easy and repeated references to you
  • This way, they would pay more while shopping.

To achieve the above goals, customers would be rewarded against any single purchase made. These rewards take an upward trend, at each stage. Due to the same reason, you would motivate customers to make repeat purchases. There is also the possibility of gamification of mobile applications so that customers with highest amounts of purchases would be granted more discounts. Finally, designing a referral marketing system is also possible in mobile apps. Referral marketing system means a customer to be granted with some rewards such as discount code, any time he/she introduces you to his/her own friends and acquaintances.

How your business efficiency would be increased by mobile apps?

Efficiency of various business processes could be increased through mobile apps. In continuation, you will be furnished with some examples in this respect:

  • Employee attendance system
  • Projects planning system
  • Food ordering system
  • Projects’ Referral systems to various employees
  • Project scheduling control system
  • Delivery system to customers.


Other advantages of mobile apps for your business and customers

In this part of the article, some of the other advantages of mobile apps are provided for businesses and their customers:

For businesses:

  • Increase of brand credit
  • Increase of brand awareness
  • Easy access to the business
  • Increase in sales level
  • Increase in customer loyalty
  • Creation of customers’ database
  • Creation of direct marketing channel

For Customers:

  • Permanent access to your list of products and services
  • Becoming aware of special events
  • Having easy access to your contact information


Speed is of high importance in today’s world. Customers are always moving and they mostly perform their works through mobile apps. Many businesses make use of this opportunity to provide their customers with different types of mobile apps. This is why mobile apps are of high importance in today’s market. To compete with your rivals, you have to take quick action as for designing your own mobile apps for your business.

Whatever the nature of your business, a mobile app will help you so that your customers would make quick access to you. This would be resulted in keeping your customers for life. If not, your customers would be quickly attracted to other online businesses. Because, nowadays customers look for products and services they are in need, primarily through internet.  If your business would be available online and a mobile app would be designed for it, you will create a really good experience for your customers. So, customers having easy access to you will always remain your loyal customers.

Mobile apps are of many capabilities. For example, they could be considered as a method of finding access to your business, and/or an online competition could be designed in it. They can also facilitate performing bank transactions and dealing with shopping lists. All of the above will finally result in success of your business. If you are also intended to improve your business through a mobile app, do not postpone it to the next day so that you would not be dropped behind your competitors.

We hope you enjoy reading this post on mobile applications and follow the upcoming content of our blog.

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