Are you intended to turn your traditional business into an online business? What a great idea!

If you own a traditional business, surely you know that managing a traditional or offline business has its own troubles. In a traditional business, there is a need for continuous and intelligent management of such cases as local customers to become familiar with your brand; daily visit of customers to your business location would be resulted in sales; and, salespersons becoming increasingly skillful in selling more goods to customers. Having high numbers of local customers is very good; however, leveling up your business to an online business version in addition to the existing traditional one could be resulted in more customers and more progress. Even if your traditional business has not good condition or affected by economic recessions of recent years, you may create an online version of it so that your sales level would be increased and your business would be saved from customer drop off.

In an online business, there are numerous facilities available for you that are not so in traditional businesses! You can initially sell best of your products and begin with low quantities; then, you may increase variety of products so that gradually and through learning rules of online business, you can totally change your business type from traditional to online.

Give Your Online Brand a Name

You can use the name of your traditional brand for the online one as well; however, high traffic of online businesses and various brand names already registered probably prevents you from selecting a domain name exactly similar to your current brand. Of course, it is better not to select a name completely different; because, you could introduce your online brand to your former and current customers through different marketing methods such as word of mouth or sms marketing. So, it would be better for your online brand name to be similar to your traditional brand to a great extent.


Prepare an Inventory List of Your Online Business

Before starting up an online business, you have to concentrate on each and every thing required offstage. That is, when you turn your business to an online business, everything takes speed. During website designing and preparing list of products sold in an online store, you have to have complete information of all products you want to sell in written and documented form, at hand. So, if this information has been already mostly in your mind or sales and purchase-related bills; now, you have to change them to appropriate lists for an online business.

Define Target Customers, at the Beginning of Online Business

At this point, you must have a clear image of varieties of your target customers who may be similar to current customers of your offline business; however, they could be a little different from offline group of customers. For example, online target customers usually are more intelligent in purchasing, and being quick in purchase from one website is very important for them; and, this may not be the case with purchase from an offline store (traditionally).

You have to aim at somebody who is willing to buy online. Is he/she the same former customer of yours? You have to also decide on whether you are willing to expand your scope of services rendered so you would found new target market; or, still you want to be active within limits?

Find Some Pricing Mechanisms

After dealing with brand, target market, and product, it is time to specify the price. Maybe prices in your traditional offline business are not applicable for online business. For example, costs related to digital marketing and other online business-related costs have to be considered in pricing. To study your competitors in online business helps you to find an appropriate pricing mechanism. You have to take various taxes imposed into consideration, during pricing procedure.

Acquire Business Permit/License for Online Sales

Starting up an E-commerce store to sell your traditional goods in online manner; usually, you need a sales permit. For the purpose of taxation on sales, you may be obligated by the government of any country to achieve sales permit. Take time to become familiar with various types of online business permits so that you would be better aware of what other legal and financial considerations have to be observed.

Design Your Own Website

During designing procedure of an online business instead of your traditional one, there are thousands of options available. Be careful, in the world of online businesses, each type of design is appropriate for one range of products. If you are going to use WordPress for designing your website and make use of ready templates of this content management system; you have to find ready templates and graphic designs, proper for your own business.

For example, suppose that you are going to sell mobile phone accessories in your website; so, you have to design your website like those of selling digital products. If  you would use those templates related to selling furniture and decoration , your website will lack beauty and suitability. In addition to appearance of website, you must consider many other items such as good navigation, speed, and its optimization in terms of search engines.

Choose Best Designing Platform for Online Store

If your business concerns selling products, usually you need a platform through which you could sell your products. Surely, you are so busy and now in addition to managing your offline business, you have to start up and manage your online business. Therefore, you need a platform in which A to Z of selling and warehousing processes of products could be implemented.

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Your need a system that simplifies reporting process of inventory, adding products and showing it to the customer, easy selection and filtering of products by customers, as well as ordering, payment and dispatch procedures in an integrated and simple form. An excellent option for growing business of yours is using WooCommerce platform as a plugin for WordPress content management system. Many online store websites use the same platform, and surely it can help you in starting up an online business.

Formulate a Digital Marketing Program

Already, you have surely gained a clear image of e-commerce brand, probable customers, their needs, and what you provide them with to solve their problems. Now, you have to know that all your researches would be effective, when you implement your digital marketing mechanisms. Knowing people to whom you provide your products or services is an important factor for success of a sales program; and, you have to make focus on them so that you could successfully start up your own business. Increasing website traffic and numbers of visitors is of critical importance for an online business. You have to make every effort to direct web traffic and visitors towards your online business.

You can use Paid click Ads to promote your products or services. If you are intended to better target your customers, please make a reference to paid click ads in Facebook or Google, with consideration of related budget. You can also make use of the most successful digital marketing method, i.e. content writing, as well as the most updated method of attracting audience, i.e. social networks.

Content Writing and Blogging

Writing the website and weblog contents about your products and their specifications require a regular program. This way, Website attract target audiences. Primarily, write about your previous experiences, story of establishing your business and the reason for starting up an online business. If your web traffic is going to increase little by little and you have no time for content writing, you may employ those having expertise in content writing to produce more attractive content.

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Considering increasing trend of online businesses all around the world, most of traditional (offline) business owners are willing to enter this new business field to increase their profitability and/or save their traditional business from bankruptcy. To enter into any field of activity, first you have to know rules of the game; then, take proper measures. Here, effort has been made to share some basic points in starting up an online business. Starting up an online business is a very specialized and complicated process, requiring years of exercise and experience; however, it is never too late to begin. Who knows, maybe you would become the owner of one of the largest online businesses in the future.

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  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar

    Perfectly crafted for a traditional to online business transition. I hope owners of traditional business finds this useful for the digital transformation of their business.

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