Importance of web hosting

Running a website and providing online support as well as offline is critical for all the businesses. Even if you have a well-developed site, it will be useless without a good web hosting service. The importance of web hosting for online businesses has grown significantly during the last years. Having said this, website admins have to keep an eye on its trends and changes; in order to keep themselves on the cutting edge.

We’ve decided to make a journey to the fabulous world of web hosting and watch the latest trends in this industry.

Green web hosting

There are more than 3.5 million internet users all around the world browsing millions of websites every day. To keep servers active, we need a massive amount of resources and energy consumption by web hosting providers.

According to reports, opening a web page can emit 20 milligrams of carbon dioxide. This means the whole air pollution rate produced by data centers will be equivalent to the whole air pollution of the aviation industry, by the year 2020.

Considering this fact, more companies use renewable energy resources and energy-efficient software technologies in order to contribute to improving overall environmental safety.

One of the most successful companies that use renewable energy for its data centers is GreenGeeks. Trey Gardner established this in 2008 and right now they are hosting over 300,000 websites.

Better hosting hardware

As web technologies improving day by day, making a good user experience increase the request for upgraded hosting hardware. Hardware can hugely affect website performance in terms of speed and user experience.

This is why lots of data centers tend to use Solid State Disks (SSD) to increase their overall performance.

As a matter of fact, many web hosts are showing up with the detailed hardware specifications of their servers to stimulate customers to purchase more.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting concept is becoming very popular among business owners. Flexibility, scalability and top performance are some good reasons to prove why so many people like this web hosting solution. Cloud hosting generally means spreading out the workload of your website or app across many different servers.

Cloud hosting could offer some brilliant features that other forms of hosting are not able to present them. The best benefit you can take from cloud hosting is you are not limited to just one server anymore. As a result of this, in hardware failure and system overload cases, your website will load on new host immediately. So you can easily utilize the hardware resources of another server without having any downtime.

Although it has a lot of advantages for people, it is not suitable for all kinds of websites.

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Complicated Website Builders

By using some brand new technologies like JavaScript, react native, etc for developing more efficient websites and mobile applications, software companies are likely to make products with a minimum of fuss.

This means people can easily design a website and consequently, the demand for hosting will increase significantly.

Web hosting Security Protocols

In the next few years, user privacy and website security will be the biggest concern. Many instances of hackers, attacked private data in the last few years, have forced the hosting service providers to work extraordinarily on ensuring the security of their customers.

For example, a couple of years ago HTTPS protocol did not exist in many sites; however, these days it is one of the basic rules which is nearly mandatory for all websites. So if you find a hosting provider which does not offer free HTTPS, it is better to avoid using its services.

Fortunately, most web hosting providers are aware that there is a demand for strong security. They should provide the best environment possible to ensure the physical security of their servers.

There are lots of different security measures you should consider such as SFTP, SSL, scheduled backup process and DDoS protection that are needed for keeping a site secure.

Authentication rules and Backups

To take care of the security of websites against unapproved access and any other skeptical activities, one should always manipulate the brand new authentication protocols.

These days hackers have more accurate tools that will help them to access critical data so easily. So normal username and password input values do not assure complete protection from your profile anymore.

Instead of using traditional ways, the session-based two-step authentication procedure is the best solution vastly requested by many web hosting service providers.

This authentication method utilizes email and text message services for sending a one-time password used to identify a user.

Alternatively, some web hosting companies use CAPTCHA – a type of challenge can distinguish human from a machine to verify the user identity.

On the other hand, everybody knows the importance of a backup and restore the service. However, making back up is not a glamorous action that many people think it is.

Overall, backing up your website information is not actually a time-consuming process, and there are many ways to do it but “Automated backups” are the best way for backing up a website.

Automatic backup implies making reserve copies of whole databases without any manual works required from users. Backups are even more suitably stored since it goes straight to the cloud where it is kept secure.


The internet has become a worldwide phenomenon and has many users in a digitized world. Regarding this popularity, lots of people try to make a website for their businesses. Before running a website, there are lots of things you need to consider. In simple words, making a decision on which web hosting provider to choose can be one of the toughest challenges.

Choosing a hosting service provider which presents features like cloud hosting, green hosting, and applying the best security protocols can give you a chance to stay ahead of your competitors.


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