As we are in the last days of December and eagerly waiting for the new year to come, it is the best moment to make some predictions about what the web design trends will be in 2020. Many elements and innovative graphics and designs that became popular in the latter part of 2019, may continue to emerge as web design trends in 2020. These trending elements include everything from color motions and text usage to voice and VR interfaces. We have witnessed some changes in terms of User Experience (UX) as well.

In 2019, we could see designers broke down some standards, take more risks and try to stand out from their competitors. So, we want to see what will happen in 2020 and how can designers take good advantage of these trends.

Web Design Trends in 2020

Now it is time to release our list on website design trends based on experts’ opinions. Here is what they came up with based on their experience and market observation.

3D elements are still among the web design trends!

There are many ways to attract and engage your website users. One of the most important ways to have a more real or tactical feel to a website is using 3D elements in web design. 3D illustrations have always thrilled people; Three-dimensional renderings are completely moving the flat designed pages toward 3D ones. The outcome is a great combination of 3D realistic and flat interfaces that are complex, visually charming and showing up everywhere. So the technology is now in a place where you can design in 3D without very complicated equipment. This enables designers to design pretty spectacular implementations out there. As these techniques have remained among popular web design trends for the last couple of years, they have changed the way people viewing a webpage. Therefore, they expect these 3D elements to be a part of the user experience.

3D website design

Since Virtual Reality becomes a more conventional and cost-effective technology, hyper-realistic 3D often takes up the whole screen is a very intriguing way to create an involving experience for your site. If you are trying to extend the average time users spend on your site, the advice that experts are giving is to use interactive 3D design. As 2020 unfolds, we look forward to seeing more immersive 3D web designs drawing users.

Virtual Reality in web design

Mixing photography with graphics build a fabulous vision

Putting original graphics next to the real photographs creates an unforgettable vision, which allows designers to allow their creativity to go wild.

These collage-like web design trends are very adaptable; You can use it to add a special cuteness and charm to the otherwise bland product photos. You are also able to use some more serious attributes to convey your message in some complicated or abstract ideas like tech or finance. Using this method, it would be possible to customize your imagery and add more characteristics to your web design.

Using photographic in a landing page while designing a website

Worth mentioning that before using this designing trend, you need to make sure that it matches the style of your brand personality. The good style of the illustrations and graphics can have a powerful first impression on your visitors. Using different styles of pictures, you will be able to control how people interpret photographs. For example, animation and cartoon characters can put this idea in your customers head that you are trying to say something more playful, or geometric. In contrast, detailed illustrations can be utilized for something more sophisticated.

Bold typography is the best way to grab attention

Most designers try to put important content in a very visible and noticeable position. In other words, it is the designers’ responsibility to honor the message that the product’s creators want to transport to their customers. Bold typography is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. The very big, significant text puts the written content center stage. That is why experts consider Typography as an unending web designing trend.

typography in web design

Typography as a web design trend

Using the power of voice

The popularity of smart devices and virtual assistants is not concealed to anybody. So in 2019, designers have had to design for conversational interfaces. Consequently, if you want to follow this web design trend, you need to start thinking about modifying traditional ways to create UX that fit the way people want to see it on a website.

Generally, designers must understand how users will interact with voice commands. After that, they need to prototype the voice interface with the related maneuver.

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More gradients are used everywhere

Gradients are the adaptable color trend that works in pretty much any type of design. A designer usually uses gradients to give his work more depth. Gradient backgrounds are also a fun way to separate text elements or show specific content. The best reason to contemplate gradients as a web design trend is that gradients are a technique that can be paired with primarily bright color choices. Additionally, the gradient gives a lot of creative freedom to designers. They can be demonstrated alongside various colors and types, using a radial gradient, linear gradients, etc.



After having a quick review of the best web design trends, you might ask this question that “Should I follow all the trends?” If you are looking for a definite answer it would be impossible to find. Because it really depends on your brand or project. However, if you want to how applying each trend would affect your job, you might need to consult with an expert. You can have an “A/B Test” as well and observe how different factors are changing.

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