Alexa ranking definition

Alexa is a popular competitive intelligence and analyzer tool that helps you to know how much traffic your website is attracting. Put it in a different way, Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity. It can help marketing managers to set realistic KPIs. They can also use this data to find out how their competitors are performing. If you are interested in learning What is This tool and how it works, stay tune with digital-goal has made up a ranking algorithm for investigating and making the frequency of visitors. This algorithm guesses how many visitors your website has got via recording IP address the activation of people who have installed Alexa toolbar for the duration of three months or more. Additionally, the toolbar will also send traffic data to a central computer. It involves two very basic parameters: Reach and Page Views.

Reach means the number of users who open a specific site in a single day. On the other hand, Page View is the quantity in which a particular user visits the same user multiple times in a single day. In the end, all such visits are going to consider as one only.

Alexa ranking system

In order to download Alexa toolbar, you simply need to visit their website. Not only it has a search function but also it shows the ranking. The toolbar works towards sending data to the central server each time a user starts to visit a particular web page. This data is further passed to the server telling about the IP and the particular URL. The small and handy toolbar is responsible to collect all this information.

Advantages of Alexa

Alexa performs as a competitive intelligence tool given the fact that the sample size of visitors is totally small. You are able to enter the site of your competitors in order to analyze your marketing plan efficiency. When your website has a lower ranking, it means you have a better position. Apart from this, it helps the marketers to go for the true marketing capacity of the website. It can also work as a great tool for search engine optimization (SEO). It is also an authentic metric for bloggers since they can earn a larger amount of money from advertisement.

Disadvantages of Alexa

Although Alexa is a great tool, everything in this world comes with a few cons as well. The first problem that is really vivid is not everyone keeps this toolbar installed on their system. In that case, many websites with high traffic might not be ranked by Alexa. So, marketers usually consider it as an inaccurate and unreliable resource. Apart, there is not a proper ranking algorithm related to sub-domains. It means the overall traffic remains for the top-level domain only.

alexa popularity

Can Alexa rank be manipulated?

Unfortunately, the answer is a big yes. It means online traffic data might be influenced by a dramatic extent. As a result, the outcome could not be accurate as it should be. According to reports which were published in some of the well-known journals, it is workable to manipulate the website’s Alexa rank. The really common question is how is it possible to manipulate the Alexa tool? In fact, this action may not take a lot of time if you are a senior JavaScript developer. All you need is a JavaScript function to loop through an array of page addresses from your website. Doing this can generate fake views for your website and you are able to get a lower Alexa rank in a short sprint of time. There is also some software out there that can help you send tones of traffic to your website and boost your Alexa rank.

How to improve

We previously talked about how website owners could manipulate their Alexa ranking; However, the best way of improving this rank is to write useful and quality content and promote it on webmaster forums. Have in mind that boosting your Alexa won’t change your business unless you try to make it convenient for users. First thing you need to be sure about is to add meta tags to and name it as the Alexa property. The most important thing that you need to pay significant attention to is constantly improving user engagement by giving your audience something they will find interesting.


It is fair to say that Alexa rankings are a key part of measuring a website’s SEO performance. However, marketers don not often use it as the primary tool for controlling website traffic since results can inaccurate and unreliable.

Instead of ignoring the Alexa ranking system completely, It is better to utilize it as a complementary tool to enhance your SEO strategy. A better Alexa rank could help you to improve your site’s popularity and bringing in more visits.

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